The Mojito.

You can hear an Ibrahim Ferrer song, slightly muffled under the tinkle of glassware, the honking of Cadillac horns and the urban soap-opera of laughter, shouts and singing from the street below. Cigar smoke wafts over… a velvety, grey-blue haze that both stings and entices.

The beads of sweat on your forehead slowly dissipate, reappearing as if by magic as cool drops of condensation on the tall glass by your side. In this heat, can you blame them?

The heady combination of mint, lime, sugar and a strong splash of rum tickles your palate and soothes your soul… this is Cuba.

The Mojito

Add 2 teaspoons of white sugar and the juice of half a lime to a tall glass.

Place a long mint stem into the glass and muddle only the bottom of the stem and first few leaves into the juice and sugar.

Add a generous pour of Havana Club white rum, ice cubes and top off with chilled soda water. Enjoy.