Aural Pleasures.

Do you have one of those friends who’s just got it when it comes to putting together a playlist? The one that always seems to be listening to something great whenever you walk into their house, office, earbuds? (ok maybe not the last one)

I’m not talking about the latest hit song on the charts (sorry, I can’t put it any other way without sounding like your grandparent). Rather, that interesting mix of tracks you haven’t heard before but you instantly want to stay and listen to. In this day and age of algorithm-suggested music that eventually gets rather repetitive (even if you spend the day listening to obscure 70s euro disco) it’s a real treat to have a thoughtful curation presented to you.

Well, I happen to have one of those friends near and dear to me. Scott has always had something great playing... so I tasked him with putting together a meaningful playlist. 

The below is a wonderful seasonal sojourn for the ears. Hopefully the first of many to land here... 

So - sit back, relax, and enjoy a listen. And please, no shuffling!